A typical First Bangor morning service would start with a number of announcements from the Minister, or maybe a short DVD, followed by prayer and a Children’s talk.

After the Children leave for Sunday School, we might sing a number of songs and then pray for the needs of others.

After reading a short section of the Bible together, the Minister or a visiting guest speaker will then give a talk on a particular subject, after which a plate will be passed around for people to place any financial gift they might like to give towards the work of the Church.

We would normally finish the Service with a few more songs and prayers.

A few basic hints and tips regarding our Services:

  • Our dress code is informal.
  • We normally stand up to sing.
  • The seats in the Church are “first come, first served”. There are no reserved seats unless there is a special event such as a Children’s Service or a Baptism. These seats are clearly marked.
  • All the words for the songs and the Bible readings are projected onto two large screens. You do not have to give any money. It is an optional freewill offering.
  • There are members of our welcoming team at each door (they are the people wearing name badges) who will help you and answer any questions you might have.

Creche is available during the morning service for babies and toddlers from birth to 3 years.

Children are looked after in a safe, fun and stimulating environment, by adults who have your wee ones best interest at heart. There is a safe “baby area” with age appropriate toys and toddlers have a wide choice of toys to keep them entertained, such as little people, roleplay, jigsaws and the very popular climbing frame and trikes. Should your wee one need you during the service, we do not hesitate to come and get you.

If you have any questions about our Service please do not hesitate to contact us on Office@FirstBangor.org