During a normal Sunday service children aged 3-14 have the opportunity to leave after the Children’s Talk to join together in our Sunday Club, ‘Kids First’.   This is divided up into four different age groups:

Noah’s Ark (3-6 Years)

Come along to make new friends, listen to stories, enjoy craft, play games and learn more about the best friend ever, JESUS!

Location: Wilson Hall
Leaders in Charge: Kirsty Kennedy & Caroline Orr

Daniel’s Den (6-8 Years)

Explore the exciting stories from the Bible through many activities, showing how God’s word is still very relevant to us today. A variety of crafts, memory verses and quizzes ensure that each child’s knowledge of God and the Bible grows.

Location: Meeting Place
Leader in Charge: Janet Raife

Peter’s Rock (8-11 Years)

Children start to discover the Bible for themselves through Bible reading and, with the use of worksheets, learn how to apply the lesson to their own lives.  This, along with craft and a large dose of fun, encourages the children to return week after week.

Location: Guild Hall
Leader in Charge: Valerie Lockwood

Junior Bible Class (12-14 Years)

By studying God’s Word together the Bible Class enjoy lively discussions on it’s meaning and relevance to today’s world.  Gathering together and having fun with friends allows each young teenager to understand more about their faith and how to share it with others.

Location: John Craig Room
Leader in Charge: Martyn Drury

First Bangor has a team of dedicated leaders who encourage our children to grow on their journey through the different Kids First groups. We enable our children to develop friendships with each other whilst learning more about God and His love and care for every one them.

Many thanks must go to those who serve so faithfully each week. We are also always on the look out for new leaders as with such a large number of kids enjoying learning with us each week we’re always greatful for an extra pair of hands.