With the escalation of the Coronavirus and in line with government advice and information provided by PCI, our Kirk Session want to make everyone aware of the following steps we will put into place for church life from this Sunday onwards. Our services every Sunday morning will continue until we are guided otherwise. We will be responsible and wise given the situation and we are asking all our members to do all that is in their power to stop the spread of this virus. We ask everyone to consider these steps-

  • BEFORE coming to services- if you feel unwell or have any symptoms eg cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc please do stay at home.
  • If you have been advised to self- isolate please do not leave home until as advised for 7 days.
  • Please make sure that you practice good hand hygiene because, as you are already aware,it is the best and most effective protection for everyone. Please wash your hands BEFORE you come and you will be asked to use the hand sanitation that will be provided at the doors of the church . The Ushers will hold the doors open for you as you come in.
  • DURING Services/ activities- please do not shake hands, hug or have unnecessary physical contact. Keep social distance, spread evenly in the church.
  • Offering plates will NOT be handed around during the service. Baskets will be in the porches.
  • There will not be any Announcement sheets handed out, information will be provided on the rolling screens.


If you are elderly or find yourself isolated for any reason please do call or get in touch with Mairisine ( 07736060926 or minister@firstbangor.org) or the office ( 02891270580 or office@firstbangor.org) and we will help as we can.



We are a Christian community where Jesus Christ is Lord. He is in control of all things. As His followers, we are called to demonstrate His compassion, love and grace and to reflect His practical care for others, while taking sensible precautions for ourselves. This is a key opportunity for us to be ‘counter cultural’ as others panic, are selfish and only care for themselves.

Most of all we need to be PRAYING- for the sick, those families who are bereaved, our medical practitioners, our most vulnerable within communities and the Government as they seek to make decisions in the best interest of the people. Pray for an end to the spirits of selfishness and fear that they may be replaced by generosity, peace and compassion.

Let us pray that people will grow closer to God or have a transformative experience through this crisis.